Fairtrade 2022 Entrepreneurs Catalog


The Government of President Gabriel Boric has defined as one of its transversal axes, the gender approach, which is reflected in the “Fourth National Plan for Equality between Men and Women 2018-2030” prepared by the Ministry of Women and Gender Equity. This plan establishes, among other strategic objectives, the need to mainstream gender equality in public plans, programs and budgets in order to guarantee women’s substantive equality and autonomy.

Corfo, from its gender strategy and its mission to promote the productive development of the country, where women have a transcendental role, wants to contribute to improve the opportunities they have in the economic development and the process of fair, inclusive and sustainable reactivation that challenges us. To this end, it is essential to facilitate the conditions for entrepreneurship, innovation, access to financing and R&D projects, through a firm institutional commitment that promotes measures and actions to help solve gaps, barriers and inequalities.

Corfo also seeks to mainstream the gender perspective in our economy, including initiatives that are in line with what the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism defines for this matter: “Strengthening the economy of Chilean MSMEs and cooperatives”, as well as “Promoting Fair Trade practices for micro-entrepreneurs and consumers”.

And in this same direction, Fair Trade incorporates gender equity as a common element in its strategy and, in addition, through its 10 principles, constitutes an opportunity to advance the sustainable development agenda that we are promoting. It can even be considered a cross-cutting invitation to establish responsible, sustainable and inclusive production and marketing schemes in the country, as the basis for a process of economic reactivation along the same lines.

This third version of the catalog of women for Fair Trade, which we present here, aims to make visible the trajectory of 68 women and organizations as examples of work under these standards. It is a recognition of their contribution to the construction of collaborative economy spaces, and at the same time, a space for linking, networking and dissemination to help them increase their sales, seek different distribution channels and enter more competitive markets.

Claudio Maggi Campos

Strategic Affairs Manager Corfo

Marcia Machado Rivas

Corfo Gender Coordinator