What we do


As an association, we ensure that there is an established, clear and legal fair trade regulation in the country, in order to generate a regulatory framework for craftsmen and craftswomen in our territory. Thus, and together with each of our initiatives and actions, we promote all kinds of projects and programs that promote fair trade in Chile, thus ensuring that production and trade conditions have a positive economic, social and environmental impact, generating stable, responsible and collectively beneficial commercial relationships between producers, traders and the community in which they are developed.


We seek to generate a profound and sustainable cultural change that will improve the economic and social conditions of each of the actors involved in this chain: producers, workers and the community. We dream that companies and organizations from different sectors, but particularly from the agricultural sector, will join our alliance in order to expand and regularize the supply and demand of fair trade products in Chile.


We work around the respect in each of the commercial, labor and strategic relationships in which we are involved, in order to always favor the dialogue as the main tool for reaching agreements, by means of the transparency in everything we do and with the objective of searching for and achieving justice, equality and sustainable development as pillars of our work.

We base our work on the principles of fair trade.